Malbec vs Shiraz : A Quick Comparison

malbec vs shiraz

We all have our preferences and tastes when it comes to wine. Malbec & Shiraz are two wonderful wines and the question of their comparison and differences are very commonly raised. Did you know that Malbec is typically an intense wine while Shiraz has delicate fruity notes. Their methods of harvesting and fermentation also have a lot of difference.

In this post, we will talk about the major distinctions between these two wines so that you can pick your favorite or even try something new!

Before jumping to the section of Malbec vs Shiraz, let’s understand some basics of Malbec and Shiraz wine.

Malbec Wine

For all red wine lovers, here's an interesting post on Malbec vs. Shiraz that would help you know the difference between their taste, food pairings, and other things.
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  • Malbec wine is a deep purple-colored wine with a full body.
  • This fine drink is made from Malbec grapes that are small in size, dark in color, and thick-skinned. The characteristics of these grapes infuse a fruity flavor in the wine.
  • Malbec is loved by many because of its high alcohol level.
  • In a single sip of this red wine, you will experience a shot of a lot of flavors: blackberry, black cherry, plum, and raspberry. Additionally, the smoke, licorice, cedar, and leather aromas will mesmerize you in no time.
  • While serving this fantastic red wine, you should keep it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to achieve an ideal serving temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shiraz Wine?

Shiraz is a famous wine that mesmerize every wine lover with its intense flavor. Read this comparison post- Malbec vs. Shiraz to know more.
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  • Shiraz is another red wine that wine lovers like a lot. It is made with Shiraz grapes that are heavily planted in Australia and Rhône valley in France.
  • If you want a wine that has intense fruity flavors, Syrah or Shiraz is the best wine to go for.
  • This red wine is best served at 65 degrees Fahrenheit and with food items like vegetables, beef stew, etc.

Malbec vs. Shiraz

Taste– Has blackberry, plum, raspberry, and black cherry flavors – Aromas of leather, cedar, smoke, and licorice– Has rich, fruity flavors. – Aromas of spice, pepper, smoke, and meats
AcidityLow LevelMedium Level
AlcoholHigh Level (13-14% ABV)Medium to High Level (14-15% ABV)
Serving Temperature60-65 ºF63-65 ºF
Food Pairing OptionsAlmost all meat types are good to pair with MalbecVegetables, grilled meats, and beef stew taste amazing with Shiraz
Production RegionsNotable regions include Argentina and CahorsNotable regions include Rhône Valley, Texas, California, Grand Valley, Columbia Valley, New Zealand, Australia (Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale),

Final Words

So, here it is. We’ve covered the main points that make Malbec different from Shiraz and we hope this will help you consider them next time you’re at a restaurant or looking to buy a bottle of wine for your enjoyment. Make sure you pair the chosen wine with suitable food to enhance the delight.

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Do comment about your favorite red wine in the comment section.