Everything you need to know about Pinot Noir

First things first. Before we explore the topic – what does pinot noir taste like, we need to understand about Pinot Noir first. Well, Pinot Noir happens to be dry and light along with being medium-bodied carrying bright acidity, alcohol and silky tannins, which can range somewhere between 12 to 15 percent. It remains the most popular red wine found in the world. The black-skinned grapes are used to make it and these generally sustain in a region of cooler climates. However, these tend to grow less but have the potential of producing lightweight wines, with longevity and complexity. 

There are various ways in which people pose questions about the Pinot Noir, some of these are as under, and you can find the precise answers for the same. Let’s check them out: 

Is pinot noir sweet or dry?

This is a usual question, which consumers often pose – Is Pinot Noir sweet or dry? This comes from the reason that these are known to have red fruit taste. At the same time, they tend to remain juicy with naturally high acidity. However, the juicy taste we get to see does not indicate the presence of sugar. The Pinot Noir is generally made with a dry style. With the dry wine pressed, we see the sugar coming out for the same.

These are converted into alcohol with the help of yeast. With the sugar getting converted, you end up getting the completely dry wine. At times, we see a little amount of sugar being given the residual sugar. This is important to know about how sweet wine tastes. It also gives the idea of the fermentation of the wine.

Is Pinot Noir Red or White?

When it comes to Pinot Noir it remains the most versatile grape. These are used to make both the white and the red wines. Hence the answer for Pinot Noir being White or Red seems to be very much relevant. These remain very much light red along with being translucent as these carry loads of the water, which they retain while on the vine. The PN is generally used to make red wine, while the white ones are rare in nature.

Should Pinot Noir be chilled? 

It is often recommended to serve Pinot Noir at room temperature. In parties, you can even see it getting stored in a bottle placed inside the radiator or seen getting grilled for a few minutes. However, this is not a global rule. These wines can be even served chilled. You can serve the wine with 10 degrees to 14 degrees of temperature. It can be served with the best quality with lower temperatures. 

What does Pinot Noir taste like?

Now comes the big question to answer, which remains the moot question of this article. When it comes to the flavour of the same, the high quality Pinot Noir is known to offer some complex flavours. These include raspberry, cherry, mushroom and forest floor along with baking spice and vanilla when these are found with French oak. The flavour of Pinot Noir wine varies from region to region. It depends upon the factors like climate and the style of production. The cooler climates are able to produce more delicate and light kinds of Pinot Noir with higher alcohol.

Is pinot Grigio a dry wine?

Dry white wines can be categorised under any white wine, which is certainly not sweet. Some of the typical dry white wines include Albarino, Sauvignon and Gruner Veltiners. To answer the question, yes, Pinot Grigio are also considered as dry wine. The thumb rule in wine says that wine containing10 grams of residual sugar are called as the dry wine and Pinot Grigio fall in this category. Therefore, they are known as the dry wine. However, the wines with residual sugar above 30 grams are considered as the dessert or sweet wine. 

Wrapping up 

Pinot noir grapes offer a wide range of features, which include growing the same in cool nights and warm days, apart from being fast in growing in the right season getting you the same in 100 days. With good taste, the wine made up of Pinot Noir remains the most preferred wine by one and all.

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