Wine Pourers for Tastings

If you are a wine enthusiast, it is likely that you are dealing with excess spillage of wine on a regular basis. It’s not just a hassle to clean up right when you are supposed to already be enjoying your glass of wine, it is also embarrassing when you spill some from pouring in a public place like a restaurant or a bar, or at home when you are entertaining guests. Not having a proper technique to prevent spillage also makes wine tastings a bit difficult. It just ruins the moment and that is the last thing you want.

Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to come up with such techniques to minimize and prevent dripping altogether. There are a lot of wine pourers for tastings available on the market today. They even offer various styles of wine pourers: from the more affordable cork pourers to the professional grade wine pourers, there is something for everyone and for every situation.

Where to Shop for Wine Pourers

Wine pourers are not as difficult to get your hands on as you might think. They are actually available in almost any specialty stores for kitchenware and wine. The most common wine pourers look almost exactly like the stoppers that you would see on a bottle of olive oil. Some bottles of liquor also sport really good pourers in popular bars. However, if you want something a little more specific or a professional grade wine pourer to be used in wine tasting events and parties, your best bet is to shop online. There are wine pourers that simply help pour wine carefully into a glass while some have special features, like wine aerator pourers that help oxygen to get through so that the more intricate flavors of the wine are released as it is poured.

To help you with your search, here are a few of the best wine pourers on the market, along with small reviews.

VinoMaster Red Wine Aerator Pourer

With VinoMaster Wine Aerator Pourer, there is no need to wait for 30 minutes to 3 hours for your wine to be bursting with its most intense flavors, like you would with a traditional decanter. All you have to do is simply open the bottle, attach  VinoMaster onto the mouth of the bottle, and gently pour as much as you want into a glass and the wine is ready for your enjoyment. The VinoMaster Pourer doubles as an aerator, so as the red wine flows through it, it lets oxygen through, helping bring out the best flavors and aromatic bouquets of the wine. Additionally, because VinoMaster attaches itself directly to the bottle, it ensures that no spillage occurs, and every single drop of wine ends up in your glass. Nothing is wasted, and you can enjoy every moment with your friends as you party.

This pourer also comes with a unique metal wine bottle stopper so that you can keep the rest of the wine for later without it spoiling. The rubber rings ensure that there is limited oxygen entering the bottle.

Sure Luxury Wine Aerator Spout Pourer

Like the previous item, Sure Luxury’s wine pourer also doubles as an aerator. As the wine flows through the pourer, it allows oxygen to mix with it, softening its tannins and enhancing the flavor and aroma of the wine. It will taste even better than it originally is in the bottle!

And of course, it makes sure that there will be no wine spillage throughout the evening as you pour each and every one of your friends a drink. It attaches to the bottle and has an airtight seal that prevents any leaks.

Deer Stag Animal Wine Pourer Aerator

With the Deer Stag Wine Pourer, you don’t have to worry about messes and leaks. Enjoy your parties and little get-togethers with your friends without having to clean up any wine spillages. You just have to attach this pourer to the wine bottle and start pouring everybody a drink.

Not only is it a pourer, Deer Stag Wine Pourer is also as aerator! No swirling or decanting needed here, nor do you have to wait for almost an hour to get your red wine ready and flavorful.

It’s also designed uniquely as a deer or stag, which makes it a perfect, elegant gift to a loved one for any occasion.

Prodyne WP-2 2-in-1 Wine Pourer/Stopper

Prodyne Wine Pourer/Stopper is great for serving wine and other alcoholic beverages to your friends or family. It makes sure that you don’t leak a drop of the wine, and it looks good, too! It is made of gleaming chromed metal which makes for a stylish and durable pourer. Its rubberized bases create an airtight seal that helps you pour wine directly into a glass without spillage, and has an inner stopper that prevents the contents of the bottle from spilling if it’s accidentally knocked over.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer keeps your tablecloth and your clothes safe from wine stains. It has a rubber stopper that is specially designed to create an airtight seal to prevent leaks and spillages of wine. It can fit in any bottle of all sizes, so it can be used on almost anything.

It also doubles as an aerator and has an air intake system that allows just the right amount of oxygen to come through so your wine’s most complex flavors and aroma is brought out – no swirling or waiting necessary. It’s just as quick as pouring yourself a glass of wine and it’s ready to go!

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer also comes in a sleek, elegant design that makes it perfect for special events and formal parties. It also makes for a beautiful gift to friends and loved ones.

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