Introducing the Chic and Friendly Wine Glass that goes on Top of Bottle

To say that drinking wine is a superb experience is an understatement. People generally like drinking wine, regardless of their gender, geographical location and lifestyle. With this in-the-know, it is little wonder why it becomes all-too tempting to drink straight from the bottle and consume the entire bottle. The only thing that stops people from doing that is because it is considered taboo by society. Social norms dictate that we use a wine glass when drinking wine. But what if you can drink wine straight from the bottle using a detachable wine glass? Would you do it? If the answer is yes, you should get yourself a wine glass that goes on top of bottle.

The new wine glass craze

Believe it or not, this is already out in the market. And the reception that it is getting from everyone is unbelievable. Now you can drink wine straight from the bottle without people looking down on you as if you have thrown all your good manners out the window.

The detachable wine glass is a special kind of wine glass that allows you to connect or attach your wine glass to the wine bottle. Unlike the typical wine glass, this new product has no stem. The wine bottle itself will function as the stem. Once you get to try this product, you will realize how easy it is to let the wine flow from the glass to your mouth, making your wine and dine experience more savory and of course, unique.

Product benefits

As previously mentioned, this wine glass attached to bottle is being welcomed with open arms. And with good reason. It is convenient and apt for our contemporary way of life. But what, exactly, are the benefits of using this product? Here are some salient points to ponder:

  1. No more pouring.

Pouring a glass of wine for yourself should be as easy as pie but for some people, that is not the case. When you pour wine to your own glass, there is always the chance of spilling the wine. That could be messy and not to mention, frustrating if you are out in public drinking wine with your colleagues or is otherwise trying to impress your date. Through this product, you won’t have to pour wine on your wine glass, making less room for havoc if you have an unsteady hand.

  1. Less prone to breakage.

Another notable benefit of using this product is that it keeps wine glass breakage to a minimum. If you are the type of person who likes entertaining guests at home, chances are, you have an entire collection of wine glasses. Glassware vary depending on your preference – glass or crystal, colored or crystal clear. And aside from that, these wine glasses also have different sizes and shapes depending on what type of what they are used for. The danger here is that some wine glasses are prone to breakage – the stem part is particularly fragile. The solution? Purchase a set that doesn’t have a stem. That is what makes this product stand out even more.

  1. Cuts down your glassware expenses.

As previously mentioned, there are many types and sizes of wine glasses. Your glassware for red wine is different from your glassware for white wine, sparkling wine and dessert wine. This means you have to get different glassware if you are serving different types of wine when entertaining guests at home. That could be expensive since a good set of glassware does not come cheap. But if you opt to get a wine glass that attaches to bottle, you can already use them for different types of wine. That saves you a lot of money.

  1. Minimal storage space is required.

Collecting glassware for different wine types is a good call. The question is, do you have enough space to store all of these? This product comes in handy if you don‘t. Since it does not have a stem, it is less fragile, easier to store and takes up less space in your kitchen cabinet. That’s another good reason to give this product a try.

  1. Speeds up drinking wine.

It is imperative to enjoy wine slowly in order to enjoy the experience more. We all know that already. However, there are times when you are really pressed for time and so you need to speed things up a little. Instead of limiting yourself to just one glass or skipping wine altogether, you can simply use this product and attach it to the wine bottle. This saves you a lot of time because you won’t be obliged to pace yourself while drinking and pouring yourself a glass, one after another.

  1. Improves wine consumption experience.

Last but not the least, we should not forget that drinking wine straight from the bottle using this revolutionary product is a trendy way to enjoy wine consumption. If you are out with your friends, you can simply bring this wine bottle with glass on top with you to make your night-out more enjoyable. Just be sure to bring an extra – your friends will surely want to try using the product as well.

More reasons to drink wine

For the longest time, we have been told that drinking wine is good for the heart. While some people might be skeptical about this, the truth is that moderate consumption of red wine is indeed good for our health. According to a study from the University of Alberta in Canada, the presence of resveratrol in red wine is beneficial to our health. Additionally, the study also claims that red wine helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, prevents blood clots and slows down brain decline. It is also said to have less calories as compared to other alcoholic beverages.

This wine bottle with glass on top is a revolutionary one. Seeing how easy and convenient it is to use and considering the benefits that you can get from it, can you afford to miss out from getting yourself one? The answer is no. So as early as now, you should really consider getting your own set.

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