The Ultimate Wine Glass Shopping Guide: Wine Glass Shapes for Different Wines

Serving wine for a special occasion happens every once in a while and the best way to prepare for it is to have the perfect set of glassware at hand. But of course, you cannot just buy the first thing that catches your fancy. Ultimately, you need to consider a lot of factors such as the frequency of serving wine to your guests and the wine glass shapes for different wines. Here’s a wine glass buying guide to help you as you shop.

A glimpse at wine glass parts

Before dipping a toe into glassware shopping, you should first be familiar with the parts of a typical wine glass. If the truth be told, there is more to a red wine glass shape than meets the eye. It has a foot, a stem, a bowl and a rim.

The foot of the wine glass allows it to stand upright.

The stem is what allows you to hold your glass wine without the risk of the temperature
of your hand affecting the wine itself.

The bowl allows the most ideal amount of surface area for your wine – this depends on which type of wine is being consumed.

The rim is the part of the wine glass that helps achieve the full experience of drinking wine.

The best wine glass color

Now, we move on to the color of your wine glass. You may have noticed that some wine glasses come in crystal clear color while others are in different shades. Ideally, your choice of wine glass color will depend on what you want to emphasize – your glassware or the wine itself. If you want to make it more decorative or perhaps if you are following a theme, you can easily opt for the colored wine glass. However, if you are serving a really good wine and you want your guests to take notice of the wine itself, you should go for the crystal clear wine glass.

The better deal: glass or crystal?

Some people may confuse wine glasses that are made from crystal and glass, but you should be aware that these two cannot be interchanged. While all crystal is glass, not all glass is crystal. This is mainly about lead content. The presence of lead in crystal wine glasses makes it heavier; it also diffracts light.

On the other hand, traditional wine glass is lighter than crystal and will not diffract light. If you are opting for the modern trend in wine glasses, it is better to go for crystal glassware that are unleaded. Note, though, that crystal glassware is more expensive. It is also more difficult to maintain as it is considered more fragile. So when buying your wine glass and choosing between glass and crystal, take note of your budget and the frequency of serving wine using these glassware. These are but some of the factors that can help you decide whether to buy glass or crystal.

Wine glass for red wine

What is the best red wine glass shape and sizes? If you are serving red wine, the best choice are large wine glasses. Large wine glasses have a fuller and rounder rim, thus it will allow you to breathe in the aroma of the red wine while enjoying a delectable wine experience. Secondary to that, you should also take a look at the bowl size. When serving red wine, it is necessary to see to it that the wine comes in contact with more air, hence the need for a wine glass that has a preferential bowl style.

Wine glass for white wine

Compared to that of a wine glass that is best used for red wine, glassware for white wine is more upright; it also follows the shape of a U. These two features allow the white wine aroma to be released without affecting the temperature of the wine itself. Since there are different types of white wine, the specific white wine to be served also has an effect on the style of the wine glass. If you are serving white wine that is quite young, a slightly larger opening is recommended. Meanwhile, if the white wine to be served is rather aged, the wine glass should be straighter and taller than the average wine glasses.

Wine glass for sparkling wine

Wine glass shapes and sizes vary. If you are serving champagne, a sparkling wine glass or champagne flute is what you need to look for. These wine glasses are upright and narrower as compared to the other wine glasses. A lot of wine stores sell this kind of wine glass so it will not be difficult for you to find a good set.

Wine glass for rose wine

What if you are serving rose wine? If you are eyeing Pinot Noir or Sauvignon, you should go for a rose wine glass. This wine glass shape guide will tell you that you basically have two options if you are looking for a good set of wine glasses for rose wines. The first one is the stemmed glass type, one that has a short bowl and a slight taper. The other one is a short bowl type with a slightly glared tip.

If you cannot find a good set that you like or you want to be more practical about it, one options is to use a white wine glass.

Wine glass for dessert and fortified wine

If your wine glass will be used for dessert or fortified wines, opt for a smaller glass. These wines are served in minimal amounts as it has a greater alcohol content. Moreover, it will also keep you from getting overwhelmed with the flavor of the wine as the wine will be directed to the back of the mouth.

Stemless wine glasses

Our fast-paced world nowadays require better function and minimal risks of breakage. This is where the beauty and convenience of the stemless wine glasses come in. A stemless wine glass is quite similar to that of traditional wine gasses but sans the stem, it is less fragile and less prone to breakage. These glassware are perfect if you are a modern person who like to exude the contemporary vibe.

Glassware is an investment. Be more knowledgeable about wine glass shapes names and features through this shopping guide and make sure you don’t waste your money by buying something that you won’t be able to use to its full capacity.

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