A Shopping Guide for the Best Undercounter Wine Cooler in 2020


Drinking wine is a leisurely and enjoyable activity. But there are certain conditions that will not make it so. At the top of the list is drinking a wine that does not have the right temperature. If your wine is not cool enough, chances are, the taste of the wine will also get affected. And of course, we all know that dessert wines taste sweeter when they get warm. Don’t let your dessert wines get too sweet! To preserve the taste of your wine, the best thing to do is to keep it chilled by looking for the best undercounter wine cooler this 2020.

Knowing your Options

Whether you are serving wine in a restaurant or providing entertainment for your guests at home, it is essential to serve your wine chilled. Although it is possible to use a bucket of ice for this purpose, there are a lot of downsides that come with using a bucket of ice to chill your wine. One of these is the time required to drink the wine. If you put your wine bottle in a bucket of ice, it has to be consumed before the ice melts totally. Otherwise, your wine will get warm again. This is not the ideal scenario if you are serving numerous bottles of wine for more than a handful of guests.

Another thing to consider is the mess that it will create. Admittedly, using a bucket of ice to chill your beverage is a quick-fix solution. However, it will also create a lot of mess. Imagine melted ice dripping all over your countertop – that is not a good sight. A most likely, it will keep your hands full with the task of cleaning and wiping your countertop every so often. To get these problems out of the way, using a built in undercounter wine cooler is a more viable option.

  • Bashy-Fashion Wine Cooler

Getting easy access to an under  cabinet wine refrigerator is a good call if you are serving wine to a lot of people at a given time. This is one of the plus sides of the Bashy-Fashion wine cooler: it can be stored on a countertop for easy access to the beverage. Aside from putting a prime on accessibility, this wine cooler is also designed to keep wine bottles chilled properly. It has a double-panel glass made from stainless steel which allows it to serve that purpose perfectly. It also has removable shelves so you can easily adjust the shelves as you please. This undercounter wine fridge can store up to 12 wine bottles at a time.

  • Kalamera Wine Cooler

If you need to chill a few bottles of wine for a party at home, a wine cooler that can store up to 12 bottles is good enough. However, if you are hosting a bigger party at home or if you are serving these wines commercially at a bar or a restaurant, you understandably need a larger storage space. For this purpose, the Kalamera wine cooler is a great option for you.

The Kalamera wine cooler is made from stainless steel and can store up to 30 bottles of wine at a given time. The tempered glass door of this wine cooler is double-layered. This feature allows the temperature in the cooler to become more stabilized. It also keeps fogging down to a minimum. Another plus feature with this cooler is its modern function in temperature memory. This allows the cooler to go back to the set temperature right after the power is reset, which works well in preserving the temperature of your cooler.

  • Kalorik Ventilated Wine Cooler

If the 12-bottle storage capacity is not enough but the 30-bottle capacity is too much, why not go for something in-between? Try and check out the Kalorik ventilated wine cooler and how apt it is to meet your needs. This dual-zone undercounter wine cooler has a storage space that can accommodate up to 18 bottles of wine at a given time. It has five shelves that you can easily adjust according to your requirements.

As for modern functions, this under cabinet wine cooler wouldn’t be considered lacking, either. The thermoelectric technology adopted by this wine cooler enables your bottle of wine to get chilled properly. It also has a digital display, making it easy to manipulate if you want to adjust the temperature. And what’s more, the temperature is featured digitally through an LCD display. This is very convenient if you want to constantly check if the cooler is set at the right temperature or if you were able to adjust the temperature correctly.

  • EdgeStar Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Another favorite among wine cooler drink brands that is made from stainless steel, this product from EdgeStar is definitely something to reckon with. This cooler boasts of a 32-bottle capacity and has digital controls for easier navigation and temperature adjustment. If you are hosting a party or serving wine at daytime, this wine cooler will be especially useful for you. EdgeStar designed this cooler with tinted double-paned glass doors, thus it has that added feature of protecting your beverage from sunlight. Some wine coolers make buzzing sounds which distract some of the guests, but this cooler has none pf those. It quietly and efficiently maintains the correct temperature without making disturbing sounds.

  • KingsBottle Wine Cooler 

Making it to the list of highly-recommended wine coolers is this ideal find from KingsBottle. This cooler is made from high-quality stainless steel and provides cooling functions like no other due to its innovative cooling system that enables air circulation and distribution evenly and thoroughly. True to its modern features and functionalities, this cooler also has a high-end digital display. The shelves are made from hardwood, making them extra durable and apt for heavy-duty performance. Last but not the least, it has steel ball-bearing rollers to ensure effortless placement and extraction of bottles regardless of weight

Investing in a sturdy, reliable and highly-functional and possibly dual zone undercounter wine cooler is a good move whether you own a restaurant or simply loves hosting parties at home. Either way, make sure you choose the best wine cooler by checking product dimensions and specifications. Be very thorough about the features and functionalities as well. And of course, make sure that the best undercounter wine cooler in 2020 that you are planning to purchase can accommodate the number of wine bottles you need to chill at a given time.

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